Why Christ Church Day School?


Those living in the area with young children are fortunate that Talbot County offers a number of quality, well respected, institutions of early learning and childhood development.


What makes us special?  Entering into our 63rd year, we are amongst the pillars of our community that have been the educational beginnings for many.  Year after year, parents return with their own children ready to begin their journey into the exciting world of education.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a community where teachers, students and parents are active partners within an environment where confidence grows, leaders emerge and learning is an adventure!


Our Mission

Our mission, as a ministry of Christ Church,  St. Peter's Parish, Easton is a commitment to nurturing a love for learning students embrace for a lifetime. At the heart of our community is a progressive Montessori-inspired curriculum that celebrates creativity, encourages curiosity and values spiritual growth. We seek to cultivate an appreciation of the wonders around us by exploring our unique community on the Eastern Shore and the larger world that we call home.


Our Philosophy

  • We believe that teachers and students should be engaged actively, creatively and thoughtfully in the classroom, in our natural world and in our community at large.

  • We believe that an integrated curriculum emphasizing experience and inquiry is the best way to nurture and develop a child’s love of learning.

  • We believe that all children are intelligent, creative, and curious. Our goal is to foster imaginations and wonder in an environment providing opportunities for personal growth and joy!