Thermic Tablets - $52.00

Children naturally sort things by size, shape, color, touch, sound, temperature and weight.  The Sensorial items will allow children to work independently or together to classify these pieces in the correct sequence and order.

What is the Sensorial Package?

Sensorial - $342.00

Smelling Bottles - $65.00

Sandpaper Letters - $90

Sensory Stackers - $60.00

Patterned Rolling Pins - $20.00

Experiential Seesaw - $55.00

Six tablets which differ in heat conducting properties such as: wood, felt, cork, marble, and iron.

Sandpaper Letters guide the hand for writing as the child traces the letter shapes in the style and direction that they are written.  

Children explore spatial relationships and develop dexterity while attempting to place the texture rings onto the peg.

Encourages fine motor skills and supports kinesthetic knowledge of the concept of "balance".

Two sets of jars containing a ball of cotton moistened with substance of different odors.

Hardwood rolling pins make different patterns as they roll across clay or playdough.

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