Playground - $1,496.00

What is the Playground Package?

Outdoor play is crucial to young children's development.  Enhancing gross-motor skills with larger toys and perfecting fine-motor skills with smaller digging toys allow children to explore their environment in a variety of ways.

Recently, Christ Church renovated the garage behind the playground. Ample space and shelter for the school's toys has now been provided and will allow CCDS to maintain the toys for years to come.

Outdoor Magnetic Wall - $1,000

Little Tikes Cozy Truck - $93.00

Sand & Dirt Set- $20.00 (6x)

Dump Truck - $30.00

Put investigation-based inquiry to work in your outdoor classroom! The Outdoor Magnet Wall will inspire prediction, experimentation, cooperation and much more. As children design and build vertical ramp systems for balls, water, or even sand, they experience force, motion, and gravity through natural play.

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Little Tikes Basketball Hoop - $35.00

Tea Set - $30.00

16" Dump Truck - $20 (4x)

CAT 3-in-1 Ride On - $56.00

Sand Play Set - $22.00

Fire  Truck - $30.00

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