Our Teaching Approach



Christ Church Day School blends a Montessori-inspired curriculum with a program rich in art, music, science, outdoor exploration, movement and great fun!


Our teachers aim to harness children’s natural curiosity and stimulate their moral compass while engaging them in developmentally appropriate, joyful, and meaningful learning. Beginning with the belief that children are inherently good and infinitely capable, CCDS is designed to support and enrich the unique aspects of each child. We are committed to nurturing a love of learning while providing a rich and challenging curriculum.


Teachers guide with a sense of nurturing authority, providing reassuring routines and supportive structures, as well as opportunities for exploration and self-expression.


Our teachers are committed to creating and maintaining dynamic learning environments so that every child is on the right level ensuring a lasting desire to stretch and absorb more information. We strive to foster an understanding of each child, an appreciation of the unique gifts they bring, and an awareness of the types of learners they are. 


Our teachers are attuned to the needs of individuals and the group, working to convey affection and confidence, while fostering perseverance, self-worth, and spiritual values. Teachers hold high expectations for their students and for themselves. Our staff is dedicated to consistently refining their practices, sharing and inspiring one another.

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