Our School Community


For the last 63 years, we have been proud of our reputation as one of the leading early childhood schools in the area.  Our school community is something that we pride ourselves in because we truly embrace and treasure our sense of family.  Our students refer to one another as friends and play is an integral part in the social growth for each other within each classroom. All generations and those who have a close connection with your child are included.

To create fellowship for our family, friends, and other caregivers, our school community partakes in a variety of social activities that that are frequent and fun.  Our annual Halloween Gathering, Christmas Pagaent and Brunch, various field trips during the school year, Valentine's Day Tea, and school picnics give us the opportunity to connect with one another.  We hold various fundraisers throughout the year, our biggest one being the Oyster Roast & BBQ in the fall. 

We also place tremendous value on being a part of the community through the importance of giving back.  This provides us with the opportunity to show our children the importance of placing other's needs before our own.  Over the years we have donated time and food to Care Packs, toys for the Toys for  the Trevor drive, clothing to the victims of Hurricane Matthew and Christ Church's Advent Angel event  (the school acts as an angel to a family chosen by Talbot County Social Services).  The generosity shown from our families has been overwhelming and inspiring!

We love to celebrate. Favorite holidays include a Halloween gathering, children's Thanksgiving feast, Polar Express/PJ Day, our annual Christmas pageant and all-school brunch,  a family square dance and  picnic--all of which give us an opportunity to connect with one another. We hold various fundraisers throughout the school year, our largest being the Oyster Roast & BBQ in the fall. We are grateful for our parents' hard work and dedication organizing and managing these celebrations to support the school and provide opportunities to further build our school community.


CCDS Square Dance Slim and the Sunnyland