What is Montessori-Inspired?


In the fall of 2016, Susan Tiffany became the Director of Christ Church Day School.  Susan arrived at CCDS with experience as the founder, administrator and a certified Montessori teacher at the Easton Montessori School from 1987 through 2010.  With the support of the Christ Church, St. Peter's Parish, Easton congregation, Day School Families and the Executive Advisory Committee (EAC), Susan has  integrated the Montessori philosophy and equipment into the already rich program at CCDS and most recently spearheaded a fundraising effort to renovation of our Playground/Nature Space.  The playground was finished during the summer of 2018 and Forest Play was added in November  2018.

About Montessori

Maria Montessori's dedication to education young children has become one of the most respected educational theories in history and continues to thrive throughout the world today.  The Montessori Method is a progression of learning beginning with activities of practical life and sensorial activities that internalize independence, coordination, concentration and order (ICCO), which in turn help a child to transition to more abstract learning.  The Practical Life material enhances motor skills through daily functions (care of the person and the environment).  Sensorial allows a child to explore his/her senses and gain pre-math skills.  "Cultural" areas include learning about the Earth, plants, animals, the universe, planets, geography, art, and music.  Through geography,  children are exposed to other cultures; their customs, indigenous animals, clothing and food.  Math equipment helps a child understand mathematical functions in concrete form and Language which enables a child's vocabulary to grow, blossoming into writing and reading - all in the spirit of discovery and exploration. Montessori presents the opportunity for young children to acquire basic skills that ground them in a learning process that remains part of the child through each step in their educational careers and life. Kindness is abundant at CCDS, and through lessons of Grace and Courtesy, we help the children acquire social skills needed throughout their lives.

Montessori at CCDS

CCDS was founded more than 62 years ago on basic early childhood theories of a developmentally appropriate curriculum leading students to continue on to educational success once they left the world of preschool and continuing on through elementary school, high school and beyond.  The marriage of Montessori-inspired curriculum, Forest Play and the music program with the robust program at CCDS has been exciting from the moment it was conceived.

Our Oyster Roast & BBQ fundraiser (fall of 2016 and 2017) focused on raising the necessary funds to allow CCDS to fully integrate Montessori philosophy and elements into the CCDS program. Through the generosity of CCDS parents and friends, Christ Church  staff, Vestry, Parishioners, Easton Montessori School friends and alumnae, we have been fortunate to purchase our Montessori equipment. We  have used funds raised at our  2018 Oyster Roast & BBQ to complete the finishing touches on our playground and integrate it with Forest Play (outdoor education and creative play).

We are on the cusp of a very exciting time, full of discovery and exploration for all.  We welcome you to join us on this journey!