Geography Package - $641.00

What is the Geography Package?

Geography Materials allow the child to explore his physical world, one composed of different forms of land masses and bodies of water.  The Geography Materials provide the child with the opportunity to explore how the earth is classified into countries and states, each with its own particular shape, name, capital, and flag.  

Children love to ask why, when, and where of everything!  The geography package gives them the opportunity to grasp and understand the characteristics of water and land and begin to foster the idea that there is a lot to explore out there!

Maps & Mats - $145.00

Using the classic Montessori color-coding for continents, children have the ability to learn the names of the continents and develop an understanding of the difference between land, water, and air animals.  

Continent Map - $75.00

Land, Air, & Water Mat - $60

Continent Cubes - $5/each (2x)

Maps & Mats - Figurines - $115.00

Using wooden figurines, children begin to understand that different animals and people live in different areas of the world and environments.

Continent Animals - $70.00

Using 24 animals printed on 3/4" wood, children intentionally place the animal on the continent where they belong.

Land, Air, & Water Animals - $45

Using 20 assorted animal pieces printed on 1/8" wood, children place the animals in their correct environment of land, air or water.

Maps & Mats - Illustrated Cards - $110

Three-part cards of people and animals include a description card for young readers, matching illustrated picture card and label.  Each card set is color-coded for each continent.  

Animals for All Continents - $110 Remaining

(Total $275, $165 pledged towards this package)

Children learn the names of 15 different animals that can be found in a particular biome.  Descriptions focus on the animal's adaptations and diet. 

Storage - $230

Puzzle Map Stands - $185.00

People for All Continents - $75

Seven sets of cards explore people, their food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and some culture expression, with an emphasis on adaptation and sustainability.  Also includes is a biome card for the particular areas these people live in.

Card Tray $15/each (3x)

Puzzle Maps - $241

Puzzle Maps allow children to begin to build their knowledge of world geography.

North America - $110.00

South America - $110.00

Globe - $60.00

World Globe - $60.00

Concept of continents is reviewed and continents are named.  These lead to work with the Puzzle Maps.

Control Maps (Unlabeled) - $7.00/each

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