Employment at Christ Church Day School

Working at Christ Church Day School is a uniquely fulfilling experience in which you get to witness the minds and spirits of toddlers fill up with knowledge and wonder on a daily basis. Qualified, dedicated teachers and substitues may complete the application for employment below and send to Director, at director@christchurchdayschool.org.

Christ Church Day School is currently seeking a new Director to guide the future growth and development of its Montessori-inspired program. Interested applicants may review the job description below and send resume and cover letter stating your philosophy of education to ccds@christchurchdayschool.org.


Christ Church Day School is a non-profit preschool located on Maryland’s beautiful Eastern Shore in downtown Easton. Established in 1957, it is a thriving community of children, parents and teachers. With an approximate enrollment of 30 children, we offer a developmentally-appropriate, Montessori-inspired preschool education to children ages two through five.


Our Vision

Our vision is to create an educational environment where learning is an adventure, confidence grows, and leaders emerge--within a community where teachers, students and parents are active partners.


Our Mission

Our mission is a commitment to nurturing a love for learning that students embrace for a lifetime. We strive to develop a progressive curriculum that celebrates creativity, encourages curiosity, and values spiritual growth. We seek to cultivate an appreciation of the wonders around us by exploring our unique community on the Eastern Shore and the larger world that we call home.


Our Philosophy

Christ Church Day School is committed to nurturing a love of learning while providing a rich and challenging curriculum. We believe that teachers and students should be engaged actively, creatively and thoughtfully in the classroom, in our natural world, and in our community at large. Christ Church Day School blends experiential learning with research-based practices. Teachers aim to harness children's natural curiosity and stimulate their moral compass while engaging them in developmentally appropriate, joyful, and meaningful learning. Beginning with the belief that children are inherently good and infinitely capable, the school is designed to support and enrich the unique aspects of each child. 






  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field

  • Masters Degree in early childhood education/School Administration or pertinent experience strongly preferred 

  • Must have early childhood classroom experience 

  • A strong, personal educational philosophy based upon constructivist, child-focused, or Montessori-perspective is a plus 

  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Social Media


Vision and Leadership Qualities

  • Views preschool education as the stepping stone to future educational success

  • Inspires and mentors faculty to set high yet obtainable goals for professional development and overall school standards (i.e. the classroom and school community at large)

  • Administers accountability for herself/himself and all faculty for those goals and standards

  • The ability to discover and address problematic issues, and identify solutions

  • Respects the views of others in an environment of openness to ideas and opinions, all the while maintaining a decisive mindset

  • Engender trust in parents through thoughtful communication 


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Maintains overall responsibility for all areas of preschool operations including program and curriculum development, personnel management, basic financial operations, and facilities operations

  • Builds strong community relationships by actively engaging with current and prospective families, the area’s public and private school administrators and the Easton community at large

  • Implements an effective marketing campaign which is proactive in providing information to Easton and the surrounding communities

  • Works in partnership with the Board of Directors

  • Acts as a partner and liaison with the Pastor of Christ Church and the church community

Compensation and Hours

  • The job description and compensation have been crafted for the individual who is passionate about education and child

     development. This individual will spearhead the School’s future to consistently provide an excellent preschool education

     for children and be used as a resource and opportunity for the families of Christ Church Day School and the surrounding


Application: Please send the below requirements to ccds@christchurchdayschool.org

  • Cover letter, current resume/Curriculum Vitae

  • Statement of education philosophy

  • References (3)