Outlast Classic Set

Our toys will last longer with proper storage.  We are looking to replace our existing shed with one that has more functional space and storage options.

Outlast Block Sets - $2,950

Campus Improvements

Campus Improvements - $4,650

Playground Shed  - $1,200

Outlast toys were designed to encourage imaginative play, child-directed discovery and learning in the best setting possible: the great outdoors. Interlocking planks and blocks form the basis of this innovative constructive play system.

Reinforced with UV resistant rubber corners and stainless steel hardware, the Classic Set includes 68 pieces of building fun!  The possibilities are endless with a mixture of cubes, short blocks, long blocks, planks of all sizes, steering wheels, and ramps.

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Secret Garden Landscaping - $500

The Secret Garden behind the Parish Office is a secluded space filled with wonder and discovery.  It does, however, need some landscaping to make it a more inviting space for all.  The Secret Garden's purpose is to be an outdoor learning space where the children can experience all 5 Senses.  Having different textured plants to smell and feel, creating habitats for different lifeforms, such as insects and birds, for the children to see and hear, and planting herbs for taste will make it an educational experience for all ages!

The CCDS campus is one of wonder and exploration.  We strive to provide as many outdoor learning experiences as we can so that the children can explore their natural environment.  

This year's Oyster Roast & BBQ funds raised for Campus Improvement will go towards replacing and adding toys for the playground, replacing our outdoor storage unit, and landscaping the "Secret Garden" area.  

DuraMax Storage Shed 

Made of all weather durable vinyl, this walk-in 10'x8' shed has plenty of room to install shelving to help keep our playground toys organized and clean.  

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