Toddler Program


“Wisdom begins in wonder.”

- Socrates

Two-year-old children are discovering the world around them. To explore their world, they twist, turn and test things! They  grab, push, pull, throw and bounce! Absorbing everything, two-year-old's ask, answer, analyze and then, they ask again! Preschool age children love to taste, smell, touch and hear their world, as they never just look! At CCDS, we know that early learners are active learners who delight in discovery and experimentation.

Two girls playing on the playground
What happens in the Toddler class? 


The Toddler Montessori-inspired program at CCDS is the perfect blend of play and work! We believe that play is a child's work. Children play to learn, to grow, and to experience the world around them. Classroom learning centers are ever-changing and designed to meet the developmental needs of our students and we love being outdoors! 

What’s important for a two-year-old? 

For many children, this will be their first school experience, a bridge from home to the "outside world". This sweet, small class of up to seven children presents a wonderful opportunity for your child to learn what it is like to be a part of a group. Socializing with their peers and teachers this first year will be of utmost importance.  From their very first days at school, children are invited and encouraged to take on classroom responsibilities that promote independence and confidence. From learning to be kind and gentle with ourselves, our friends and our environment (our school rule) to being the classroom snack helper, photographer, doctor, clean up supervisor or librarian, children at CCDS learn what it means to be a contributing member of a classroom and school community. 

What is the schedule for 2020-2021?


We have two attendance options for your two-year-old. Either Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00 am to noon or Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 am to noon, with the possibility of all four days. 


Our daily routine is as follows:
9:00 am      Arrival, Self-Directed Learning Activities,

                  Music and Art Projects

10:00 am    Circle Time
10:30 am    Bathroom Break, Hand Washing and Snack 
11:00 am    Story Time
11:15 am    Yoga, Music or Nature Play
11:30 am    Outdoor Play

12 noon       Dismissal

What is the tuition?

The tuition for the Toddler Program for the 2020-2021 academic year is: $2,500.00 for M/W or T/Th.

How do I enroll my two-year-old in the Toddler Program?

If you are interested in enrolling your child in the CCDS Toddler/Twos Program, click here for the application. Please contact our Day School Director at 410-822-2677 x 316, or email if you have any questions.

Two-year-old's with birthdays after the cut-off date of September 1st are welcome to apply for admission on a rolling basis if we have space available. During the year we often have children "moving up" to the primary group as they are ready.

Give us a call!


A student paints on an easel
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A group of children enjoying their activity